We are family Godja and it will be our pleasure if you join us for a glass of horincă (the traditional local brandy) and a great story!

Ioan Godja:

I was born and raised in Breb which has been my family home for many generations. Even though I travel abroad a lot and as a tourist guide I know Romania like the back of my hand, the place where my heart is and to which I return to with great joy is the village of Breb. I know every hidden corner of Maramureș and it will be a great pleasure if you join me and discover its charm and beauty.

Lucia Godja:


For more than 30 years Breb is the place that I call home. It is here where I do what I love the most. I am a wife, a mother, a lady of the household and a teacher in the village. I love sharing my time between Breb’s children and my home and I am delighted to have a house full of people for whom I can prepare delicious meals.

Dumitru and Ioana Godja:

Dumitru si Ioana

We are the family’s children. We do not think there is a more beautiful or peaceful place than our village Breb and because of that whenever we have the chance we come back home. We try to help our parents with the household chores and we are very proud that we grew up in the countryside. We like meeting new people and sharing our experiences with them.

Between us our family speaks Romanian, Italian, French and English.